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1. A cross between a nonprofit and a for-profit corporation, a is in essence a for-profit company with a social purpose and that permits investors to receive a modest return.

a. nonprofit business venture

b. social enterprise

c. nonprofit enterprise

d. low-profit, limited liability company

2. According to Drayton, social entrepreneurs are often possessed of

a. an idea.

b. great wealth.

c. many business contacts.

d. extreme ennui

3. in developing nations are too often slow and bureaucratic, prone to corruption, and controlled by vested interests that resist change.

a. NGOs

b. Banks

c. Public schools

d. Governments

4. In January 2007, the 100th Congress amended House Rule 25 (called the ), placing stricter limits on what gifts or privately supported travel members of the House of Representatives can accept from lobbyists.

a. gift rule

b. lobbying rule

c. Lobby Law of 2007

d. Lobbying Disclosure Act

5. A campaign is not announced to the public until a significant portion of its total goal has been raised as part of a during what is known as the campaign's quiet period.

a. return on investment

b. nucleus fund

c. special gift fund

d. nest egg

6. There are restrictions on the use of government or foundation funds used by nonprofits for the purpose of lobbying, but from gifts, grants, or earned income may be used to fund a lobbying effort.

a. dedicated revenues

b. restricted revenues

c. unrestricted revenues

d. operating revenues

7. may not endorse or oppose legislation in communications with legislators or the general public if the communication includes a call to action.

a. Public charities

b. Private foundations

c. Community foundations

d. Corporations

8. An important tool in planning and managing a campaign is the ,which reflects the proportional giving necessary to achieve the campaign's overall goal, starting with a lead gift that is at least 10 percent of the goal, and then doubling the number of gifts needed at each successively lower dollar level.

a. contact report

b. fund-raising pyramid

c. kickoff party

d. gift standards chart

9. This encompasses the rules by which financial transactions are classified and reported.

a. bookkeeping

b. financial management

c. data integrity policies

d. accounting

10. This type of organization has some programs in other countries, but it is governed within and maintains a focus on its home country.

a. International organization

b. Nonprofit organization

c. Global organization

d. Nongovernmental organization

11. In June 2007, the IRS released a to clarify the criteria by which it would determine what is and is not illegal campaign involvement; this included 21 hypothetical examples of activity and a discussion of why each does or does not constitute a violation of the law.

a. Lobby Law

b. gift rule

c. new revenue form

d. Revenue Ruling

12. Historically, many NGOs had centralized structures that were pushed out to chapters as they were established, but as growth extends into more geographically remote regions and diverse national and cultural settings, there is a trend toward for regional chapters or affiliates.

a. consolidation

b. following a more centralized power

c. greater autonomy

d. trimming the fat

13. Becoming primarily or exclusively a government contractor can lead to _______

a. mission drift.

b. a reduction in the organization's autonomy.

c. the loss of donors.

d. all of the above.

14. Often equivalent to 6 months or 1 year of the operating budget, are generally invested in very secure, short-term instruments such as bank certificates of deposit or money market funds.

a. operating budgets

b. cash flows

c. operating reserves

d. unrestricted funds

15. A detailed, comprehensive document that encompasses elements of strategic, marketing, business, and operational plans organization is called a

a. feasibility analysis.

b. market analysis.

c. business plan.

d. sensitivity analysis

16. This can be compared to a video that shows the flow of revenues and expenses of an organization, and the resulting changes in net assets over a period of time, generally a fiscal year.

a. Statement of activities

b. Statement of financial position

c. Statement of cash flows

d. Statement of functional expenses

17. A is a tax-exempt organization that can endorse and support political candidates.

a. direct lobbying committee

b. political action committee

c. nonprofit activity committee

d. joint venture

18. All of the following are challenges a nonprofit faces when working with the government EXCEPT:

a. Costs of administering the grant are usually covered by the award

b. Payments may be delayed forcing the nonprofit to use other funds

c. Terms of contracts may change after approval

d. Contracts are often performance-based and payment is contingent on outcomes

19. Although the term has different meanings in different parts of the world, what we call a nonprofit in the United States is elsewhere most commonly referred to as a

a. charity organization.

b. transnational organization.

c. government-operated nongovernmental organization.

d. nongovernmental organization

20. The concept of states that individuals are driven by their nature to help others and improve the human condition.

a. enlightened self-interest

b. charity

c. altruism

d. self-directed giving

21. Nonprofits that hope to secure government funding must do all of the following EXCEPT:

a. pay attention to the public policy process

b. maintain relationships with individuals in government

c. attend committee hearings at the state capitol

d. maintain ongoing engagement with their constituencies

22. In a ,the company pays for the use of its name or logo in connection with the nonprofit's products or events.

a. licensing agreement

b. corporate agreement

c. sponsorship

d. logo joint venture

23. The goal of the is to provide enough payout each year to meet the needs of current programs, while also allowing the value of the endowment principal to grow to keep pace with inflation and provide more income to sustain programs in future years.

a. capital budget

b. cash budget

c. spending limit

d. operating budget

24. How are Ashoka Fellows selected?

25. Name the seven categories of donors as identified by the 1994 study by Prince and File. Give a brief description of each

Reference no: EM13997701

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