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Q1. The usage of Social Media advertising is becoming a necessity in recent times, with the development of apps and websites why are not platforms such as Facebook and Twitter more widely used? Even more so as the establishing of an account if free of charge.

Q2. Social media marketing has a great advantage over traditional methods due to the reaction times being considerably less. Campaigns can be created at a much reduced cost and with a smaller workforce. Is this not the way forward?

Q3. (True/False) An advantage of advertising is that word of mouth is possibly the greatest tool and by extension Social Media is a digital form of the word of mouth, because of this Social Media is rapidly becoming the effective way to advertise and yet still has to be fully embraced by many.

Q4. In recent years Social Media has eclipsed many former purposeful advertising mediums, TV, radio and newspapers, so much so that much of the advertising revenue that these channels enjoyed for so long has dried up. In what ways will these media streams have to  change to compete?

Q5. Facebook has to be the greatest Social Media channel and therefore the favored avenue for advertising digitally, but does the consumer get a true experience of a products genuine features?

Q6. Recently Social Media sites such as Facebook and YouTube have attracted advertisers of their own after initially being advert free. This has maintained the access to these sites to remains free, however how long can this be sustained?

Q7. With billions of people around the world regularly using Social Media sites it has become a necessity to use these apps as a vessel for introducing or reaffirming customers with products. However, are customers becoming more and more driven by video promotion as opposed to the tactile feel of a product?

Q8. Social Media sites could prove invaluable to retail outlets and manufacturers should they reach out and improve the ability to sell directly through the apps, at the moment they are used as a brand promoter, why don't more companies lobby for greater freedom?

Q9. (True/False) With Social Media sites having the facility of people "liking" and "commenting" advertisers and companies alike get instant access to people's interactions with their campaign or product and in so doing can make instant alterations should they be required.

Q10. (True/False) The rise of Social Media has also given rise to the use of influencers. The use of these Social Media unknowns, in many cases, has provided a more cost effective channel in which to promote goods and services, by simply having a following, even in an arena quite unconnected with the product, businesses can reach out to many thousands of possible consumers quite easily.

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Reference no: EM131523801

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