Why does the child not display the mutant phenotype

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Both loci for a gene from a parent who has a mutant phenotype and his normal child indicate they are both heterozygous with the same alleles. Why does the child not display the mutant phenotype?

Reference no: EM13156220

Determine what is the cost of ending work in process

At the start of July classic car wax company had beginning Work in Process of 2,500 units that were 90% completed with respect to matherial and 45% completed with respect to

Find out the light moths against the soot-darkened

Recently, use of cleaner fuels has greatly reduced soot in the landscape, and dark-coloured moths have been disappearing. Should the two forms of moths be considered separate

Does size of the tank will affect measurement of zebrafish

I believe it will have the same effect, but to save the environment I will just use 2 zebrafish.( but find the evidence that 2 zebrafish is enough). Does the size of the tan

Why they may have contributed to success flowering plants

Name two aspects of the flowering plant life cycle not found in the pine tree life cycle, and explain why they may have contributed to the success of flowering plants.

Miscommunication with someone in a situation

Recall a time when there was a miscommunication with someone in a professional situation. Discuss what the communication issue was and what could have been done to communicate

What is the free energy cost of pumping

What is the free energy cost of pumping Ca2+ out of a cell when the cytoplasmic concentation is 0.4Um, the extracellular concentration is 1.5mM and the membrane potential is

What would be the order of elution

Phenyl-Sepharose resin consiss of a phenyl group attached to a matrix of agarose. Suppose you need to use this chromatographic method to separate a mixture of polypeptides c

New stomach contents triggers

The level of acidity within the stomach due to new stomach contents triggers the small intestine to secrete what hormone? What is the source of this hormones and it's stimul


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