Why does changing the structure of protein matter

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1. If, within a gene there were 3000 nucleotides ,what would be the maximum number of amino acids it could code for?

2. How can changing the dna of an organism lead to change in the structure of one of this organism's protein? Why does changing the structure of protein matter?

Reference no: EM132280205

Ingredients you put into the shot

If instead of making an energy drink, you come up with an energy injection, how would that affect the ingredients you put into the shot? Think in terms of polarity and tonic

How it negatively affects plants

Your local weather station alerts you to the fact that 'acid rain' is currently falling in your area. You are worried about the well-being of your garden in your backyard,

Diagram the electron transport chain

Diagram the electron transport chain and ATP synthesis of oxidative phosphorylation, with specific inclusion of the following terms and concepts: diffusion, active transport,

Observing a cell that is centered in the field of view

a. During a microscopy lab, your lab partner is observing a cell that is centered in the field of view. He complains that as he changes the objective lens from 20x to 40x,

What is the hormone that is tested for in pregnancy

Pregnancy can be detected several days post-implantation, based on a hormone level test. What is the hormone that is tested for in pregnancy, and what is its role? How is th

What is the prior probability

Tina is consuming 12 mg of iron per day. Her RDA is 15 mg. She has no condition warranting a greater-than-normal need for iron. Which of the statements is true about her consu

Which cells are the smallest-bacteria. elodea or spirostomum

What is similar about the functions of RER,SER, and Golgi complex? How might they interact? Which organelles are exclusive to plants? To animals? How does this affect the fu

Determining the genotype of individual

The X gene encodes a transcription factor needed for the activation of C gene. Describe these results and signify the genotypes of all individuals described within this proble


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