Why do these plants tend to live in nutrient poor realms

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Many people assume that carnivorous plants act like animals, eating their prey and not performing photosynthesis; why do carnivorous plants use insects to supplement their photosynthetic efforts. Why do these plants tend to live in nutrient poor realms?

Reference no: EM132279864

What are the key communication issues in global business

Produce a report on the use of communication techniques in a contemporary international service organisation -How are we using communication technologies in business organisa

Outline for written assignment

Introduction (Engage me in the beginning, encourage me to become connected to your document) I read over 20 papers a week.  Engage me with a quote, statement, statistic or r

Inequality and the marginal propensity to consume

According to the study by Chris Carroll et al cited in article #17a by Nick Bunker ("Wealth Inequality and the Marginal Propensity to Consume") middle-income families have a

Pennsylvania consumer protection agency

The Pennsylvania Consumer Protection Agency (PCPA) investigates the marketing practices of Respond Now!, Inc. The PCPA serves a subpoena on Respond Now!, ordering the firm t

Management and organizational behavior

After completing reading the lectures above, select one of the unit concepts below. Then find a current event in an article at the online periodical listed that will illustr

What is the length of the prism

Samir knows that the volume of a prism is 40 cubic units . He also knows that the width of the prism is 2 units and the height is 5 units. What is the length of the prism?

Discuss single important lesson entrepreneur should apply

Reflecting back on everything you have learned in this course, discuss the single most important lesson any entrepreneur should apply in order to be successful. Explain your

Identify the different stakeholders associated with problem

Identify the different stakeholders associated with the problem and note elucidate how their interests are interrelated. Create alternative viewpoints and develop some ideas


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