Why do not court try to arrive at method fair compensation
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Read the "Baer v. Chase- 392 F.3d 609 Third Circuit court of Appeals, 2004" case in your textbook. Answer the following questions

1. Chase said he would take care of Baer and pay him in a manner commensurate with the true value of his services. Don't those statements show Chase's intent to compensate Baer?

2. Why does the court rule in favor of Chase and let him avoid payment?

3. There are methods to determine what fair compensation would be. The trial court could hear evidence about what others who've made similar creative contributions to television shows are paid, or hear expert testimony from people in the business about the customary payment for services similar to Baer's. Why doesn't the court try to arrive at a method of fair compensation?

4. How does the court arrive at its decision? Does that mean the parties must specify a dollar amount in the contract for its terms to be definite?

5. Could Chase and Baer have agreed, say, that Baer would be compensated in an amount equal to the average paid for screenwriting services for the pilots of the three most popular HBO television serials within the previous two years?

Read the Article "Soldau v. Organon, Inc. - 860 F.2d 355 United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, 1988" case in your textbook. Answer the following questions

1. What did Soldau do that was wrong?

2. How did the court rule in favor of Organon?

3. But Soldau got the letter back-doesn't that mean the mailbox rule doesn't apply?

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