Why do marxists believe that capitalism

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The question is why do marxists believe that capitalism can not be understood as a domestic phenomenon?

How has the belief been reflected in theories of imperialism?

25 scholarly journals books Internet books must be used! 3000 words excluding references

write an essay on Some of the literature- the book dunne, kurki Smith -Rupert mark 2007 marking and critical theory the book dunne chapter8-rosenbergjustin 1994 the empire of civil society a critique of realist theory of international relations London verso chapter-cox Robert 1981 social forces States and world orders beyond international relations theory millenia journal of international studies (10)-2 126-155-linklater Andrew 1992 the question of the next stage in international relations tory a critical theoretical point of view millenia journal of international studies 21 (1) 77-98-chapter 8-9 0f the book of international theory of dunne-lurk Smith international theories

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Reference no: EM13873441

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