Why are insurers an unreliable fulcrum
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1. Health professionals need to undertake new leadership roles that focus on which of the following?

Collaboration and coordination of care.

Commitment to lifelong learning.

Commitment to the patient.

Knowledge of science and art.

2. The current fee-for-service system of health care seems to encourage providers to:

establish a sliding scale.

promote overutilization.

consolidate practices.

deny services.

3. Why are insurers an unreliable fulcrum?

They take their cut and pass on any added costs.

They maximize revenue.

They opt out of defined benefit programs.

They are at risk of being cut from the budge

4. In a 2013 survey of 200 health care industry executives, ______ were strongly positive about our ability to improve both quality and inflation-adjusted cost.





5. ______________ refers to the roles of management, staff, and boards of organizations.

6. There are ___________________ complete sets of regulatory requirements for the health care system.

7. What is the reason that money has become scarcer, and therefore an area of greater focus, in most parts of the health care system?(essay)

8. Why might programs on the state level be less exposed to risk than federal programs or agencies?(essay)

9. The Medicare and Medicaid programs have increased the political power of health professionals.T/F?

10. Most leaders in the health profession start locally and rise slowly through the ranks of their profession, rather than appearing suddenly on the national scene.T/F?

11. A 2006 prediction that the U.S. health care system would unravel is likely to be realized within the next couple of years.T/F?

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