Who was not in the stieglitz circle of artists
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The artist _____________________ made paintings that were rejected from the National Academy exhibition. He went on to teach artists to paint with intensity and emotion, and capture the ‘spirit' of the people and cities of their urban world

Who was not in the Stieglitz circle of artists?

What was the ready-made object called "Fountain" by artist Marcel Duchamp (R. Mutt)?

In your own words, write a minimum of three sentences describing the philosophy and style of the Ashcan School.

Whose Nude Descending a Staircase, No. 2 was the most controversial work at the Armory Show of 1913?

Alfred Stieglitz felt that art should be broadly appreciated and not just for ‘enlightened' buyers.

The Ashcan art movement celebrated the sophistication and refinement of the Gilded Age.

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