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Michael, Paul and Maria were out on a Saturday night celebrating the successful formation of a new business venture. They went to a special restaurant up in the hills, Hilltop Point, to mark this occasion. After a great night of eating and drinking, they decided to continue their party at Watchout Point, a scenic hilltop spot with a spectacular view of the city. On their way, they stopped at a bottle shop to buy two bottles of premium French champagne.

When they reached Watchout Point, they parked the car at the car park which was located at the top of the cliff. There was a two meter fence to prevent people from going beyond that point as it was not far away from the cliff edge. There were no warning signs but the cliff was very visible. Anyone can very clearly see the cliffs.

In fact, the cliff was part of this beautiful scenery which attracted visitors. At first, the trio sat in the car and chatted and drank champagne. As the night progressed, Paul, who had too much to drink, got out of the car and dared the others to climb over the fence and walk to the edge of the cliff.

While the others were reluctant, Paul climbed over the fence and walked to the edge of the cliff. He lost his balance and fell off the cliff and broke his leg. Paul wishes to sue the Willow Council who is responsible for Lookout Point. Advise Paul.

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Reference no: EM13906284

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