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1. The vigorous brushstrokes and emotion-laden imagery in the paintings of Anselm Kiefer are reminiscent of the paintings of

A. Expressionism.

B. Realism.

C. Neoclassicism.

D. Superrealism.

2. Color-Field Painting was associated with what artist?

A. Franz Kline

B. Willem de Kooning

C. Mark Rothko

D. Jackson Pollock

3. During what year did the first signs of the Renaissance appear in Italy?

A. 1570

B. 1300

C. 1485

D. 1400

4. _______ was the most famous practitioner of Classicism.

A. Nicolas Poussin

B. Rembrandt

C. Eugène Delacroix

D. Caspar David Friedrich

5. Who is considered the father of Expressionism?

A. Vincent van Gogh

B. Andy Warhol

C. Paul Cézanne

D. Pablo Picasso

6. What medium did Andrew Wyeth use to paint Christina's World?

A. Ink

B. Tempera paint

C. Oils

D. Watercolors

7. Neoclassicism as an artistic style sought to emphasize

A. asymmetry and ornamentation.

B. tension and drama.

C. order and rationality.

D. grandeur and exuberance.

8. Organic shapes can be described as

A. three-dimensional and geometric.

B. two-dimensional and representational.

C. naturalistic and formed by uneven curves.

D. representational and simplified.

9. What is the oldest drawing medium?

A. Chalk

B. Graphite

C. Charcoal

D. Ink

10. The conversion of the English to Christianity began a rich period of artistic production in England, especially in the creation of

A. ecclesiastical treatises.

B. secular mosaics.

C. Gothic cathedrals.

D. illuminated manuscripts.

11. Western art culture was founded on and inspired by _______ art.

A. Neolithic

B. Paleolithic

C. French

D. Greek

12. _______ was stolen from the Louvre in 1911 and remained missing for two years.

A. Liberty Leading the People

B. Mona Lisa

C. Venus de Milo

D. Raft of the Medusa

13. The metal skeleton artists use to support clay sculptures is called a/an

A. casting.

B. maquette.

C. scaffold.

D. armature.

14. Action painting was associated with what artist?

A. Salvador Dalí

B. Jackson Pollock

C. Henri Matisse

D. Frank Stella

15. The greatest Italian painter, and one of the most influential artists of the entire Baroque period of the seventeenth century, was

A. Domenikos Thetokopoulos, known as El Greco.

B. Michelangelo de Merisi, called Caravaggio.

C. Gianlorenzo Bernini.

D. Artemisia Genteleschi.

16. The ratio for ideal proportions is also called the

A. Atmospheric Perspective.

B. Golden Mean.

C. Golden Triangle.

D. Symmetrical Balance.

17. The Chinese considered _______ to be one of the highest forms of art.

A. ceramics

B. tapestry

C. stained glass

D. quilting

18. Many Dada artists joined the _______ movement.

A. Surrealist

B. Futurist

C. Cubist

D. Fauvist

19. Which one of the following artists founded the Hudson River School of painting?

A. John Constable

B. Honoré Daumier

C. Thomas Cole

D. J. M. W. Turner

20. What is one characteristic of Cubism?

A. Multiple viewpoints

B. Highly accurate perspective

C. Appearance of great depth

D. Subjects of nature

21. _______ artists were looking for a new way of making pictures when they discovered prints from Japan, which were crucial to the creation of Modern Art.

A. French

B. Indian

C. Italian

D. Chinese

22. ________ shapes are representational shapes that have been simplified.

A. Abstract

B. Geometric

C. Nonrepresentational

D. Organic

23. Marcel Duchamp, Andy Warhol, and Leonardo da Vinci all created different versions of

A. Sacrifice of Isaac.

B. Mona Lisa.

C. Creation.

D. Woman in Black.

24. Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo were artists from the _______ period.

A. Baroque

B. Medieval

C. Romanesque

D. Renaissance

25. Why did Americans use wood more than any other material for building?

A. The forests provided a boundless supply.

B. Builders didn't want to wait months for imported stone.

C. Artisans preferred the natural look of the wood.

D. Wood offered the strongest structure.

26. What was one of the most significant achievements of Albrecht Dürer?

A. He made printmaking a fine art form.

B. He created the art form known as installation sculpture.

C. He raised commonplace objects in his subjects of fine art.

D. He wrote treatises on painting, perspective, and human proportions.

27. Edvard Munch's The Scream is an example of what movement?

A. Abstract Expressionism

B. Surrealism

C. Postimpressionism

D. Expressionism

28. Which one of the following artists was censored because of the subject matter of his or her photographs?

A. Cindy Sherman

B. Edward Weston

C. Lalla Essaydi

D. Robert Mapplethorpe

29. Which of the following groups of artists launched a war on conventional thinking?

A. Dadaists

B. Abstracts

C. Surrealists

D. Expressionists

30. The art of the Middle Ages focused on themes of

A. death and sin.

B. peace and tranquility.

C. life and love.

D. chaos and anger.

31. This artist was influenced by African masks.

A. Édouard Manet

B. Pablo Picasso

C. Vincent van Gogh

D. Edvard Munch

32. A flat, two-dimensional background that projects into a relatively shallow three-dimensional space is called _______ sculpture.

A. earth

B. free-standing

C. relief

D. kinetic

33. Judy Chicago was instrumental in starting what art movement?

A. Performance art

B. Feminist art

C. Minimalist art

D. Pop art

34. Which of the following men designed Monticello?

A. Robert Venturi

B. Thomas Jefferson

C. James Wines

D. Frank Lloyd Wright

35. In drawing and painting, the term chiaroscuro refers to the use of

A. two vanishing points.

B. complementary colors.

C. forceful contrasting colors.

D. dramatic contrasts between light and dark.

36. Which one of the following artists created the Kaufman House (Fallingwater)?

A. Richard Rogers

B. Robert Venturi

C. James Wines

D. Frank Lloyd Wright

37. Another name for serigraphy is

A. etching.

B. wood engraving.

C. metal printmaking.

D. silkscreen printing.

38. In _______ printmaking, only one print is made.

A. lithograph

B. proof

C. aquatint

D. monotype

39. Which one of the following divisions of the applied and decorative arts is used to produce primarily functional items?

A. Ceramics

B. Metalwork

C. Fiber

D. Glass

40. _______ began his career as an illustrator, but later became a political cartoonist.

A. Jean-François Millet

B. Gustave Courbet

C. Marc Chagall

End of exam

D. Honoré Daumier

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