Who believed the minor to have reached the age of majority

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1. Impatient individuals with low attention span usually have

a. low discount rates and low discount factors

b. high discount rates and low discount factors

c. ow discount rates and high discount factors

d. hgh discount rates and high discount factors

e. one of the above

2. Is it fair and ethical for a minor to take advantage of the protection accorded by the law to breach a contract made with a person who believed the minor to have reached the age of Majority?

Reference no: EM131240916

What determines the level of income and employment

Explain what determines the level of income, employment, output and prices in our economy. Do you think current monetary and fiscal policy is working to help the U.S. economy

Index of globalization

The KOF Index of Globalization, provided by the KOF Swiss Economic Institute, measures globalization on economic, social, and political dimensions. Provide a brief description

National saving increase or decrease

Suppose the multiplier is 3, the marginal tax rate is 20%, and the marginal propensity to consume out of disposable income is 0.9. If government spending increases by $10 bill

Compute the equilibrium price and quantity in this market

Consider a market characterized by the following inverse demand and supply functions: PX = 10 - 2QX and PX = 2 + 2QX. Compute the equilibrium price and quantity in this market

Predatory pricing-what is so bad about price fixing

Apex Manufacturing charges Zenith Manufacturing with predatory pricing (that is, selling below cost) What do you think anti-trust authorities will want to consider before they

How large are the annual net benefits

Efficient regulation. Suppose the state is trying to decide how many miles of a very scenic river it should preserve. There are 1000 people in the community, each of whom has

Determine the premium of the european call option

A European call option allows one to purchase 2 shares of stock B with 1 sare of stock A at the end of a year. A European put option which allows one to sell 2 shares of stock

Calculate the point price elasticity of demand

KRDY-FM is contemplating a T-Shirt advertising promotion. Monthly sales data from T-shirt shops marketing the "Listen to KRDY-FM" design indicates that: How many t-shirts coul


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