Who are stakeholders and how do they influence regulation

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Who are the stakeholders? How do they influence this regulation? What are the key concerns?

Who are the stakeholders?

1 Monsanto

A) Employees: receive a fair pay for work and comfortable work environment.
B) Customers: value and quality for money spent.
C) Stockholders: receive a satisfactory return on investments.
D) Communities: employ local residents, ensure that the local area is developed and local environment is protected.

2 Organic farmers' position against GMOs

A)GMOs' seeds could cause the soil pollution(environment issue)

B)GMOs products could cause the human unhealthy.

3,Monsanto's role in promoting GMOs:

A) As one of the biotechnology companies, Monsanto developed GMOs to the global marketing.

4,Monsanto's dominance in the market:

A) leading market position

B) diversified operation

5, How do they influence this regulation?

1,Monsanto has monopoly power.

2,Monsanto offers "official" report about GMOs product to several government agencies.

3, Organic farmers requires Monsanto company has to follow the food regulation.

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Reference no: EM13524185

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