Which philosophical belief or beliefs are most important
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In this paper, you will be demonstrating your ability to formulate an argument with supporting sub-arguments. Your argument will articulate your understanding on a particular philosophical issue. In other words, you are playing the part of a philosopher.

Respond to the following: Which philosophical belief or beliefs (discuss at least three different philosophers)are most important to pass on,or not pass on, to your children or the next generation?

Things to remember:

This is not a paper in where you state a bunch of yourphilosophical beliefs. You must have one central argument.

Your discussion of other philosophers is to bolster your argument and not simply demonstrate that you can summarize the philosophers' beliefs.

To strengthen your argument, you will want to illustrate the significance of your philosophical belief.

To strengthen your argument, you will want to illustrate how your philosophical belief impacts society.

Your argument will have a positive and negative aspect.


1. Have a cover sheet that has the following information:

a. The title of the paper

b. Your name

c. The course title

2. At the top of the first page of text, put the title of the paper but not your name.

3. Don't put your name on any pages of the paper (except the cover sheet).

4. Number your pages.

5. Provide proper footnote citations.

6. Use 12 point font (no large fonts)

7. Use 1" margins

8. Double space

9. 6 full pages

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