Which of the styles of art did you enjoy the most

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Critical Evaluation in the Humanities

1. After completing the assigned reading this week, which of the styles of art did you enjoy the most? Which would you say is your least favorite? Why? Be sure to explain your decisions and use the terms from the unit to aid in that explanation.

2. Art can often mean different things to different people. Is this a strength or a weakness? Do you think the author's intention should weigh into a person's analysis of the work of art? Why or why not?

3.What do you consider the main differences between older "historical" architecture and "modern" architecture? Why do you think society has evolved away from these older styles and towards modern shapes and materials? Which style appeals more to you personally?

4. Modern architects are using green building concepts more and more in their work. How can a society aim to build and develop while at the same time recognize the needs of the environment?

5. What makes a work of literature a "classic"? Introduce a work of literature you believe should be considered a "classic" and explain why you believe this is the case.

6. In this unit you considered poetry, which is rarely a best-seller. Why might poetry be less popular than fiction? What are some of the unique benefits poetry can offer to the reader or listener?

Martin.. Humanities Through the Arts, 9th Edition. McGraw-Hill Learning Solutions, 2014. VitalBook file.


Reference no: EM131178980

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