Which of the following are valid java identifiers
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1- Think Java: Chapter 1, 2, 3, 8.

2.OCA: Chapter 1, 2, 3

Exercise on paper: (1 points each)

1. Write Java statements that accomplish each of the following tasks:

a) Display the message "Enter an integer: ", leaving the cursor on the same line.

b) Assign the product of variables b and c to variable a.

c) Use a comment to state that a program performs a sample payroll calculation.

2.Which of the following Java statements contain variables whose values are modified?

a) p = i + j + k + 7;

b) System.out.println("variables whose values are modified");

c) System.out.println("a = 5");

d) value = input.nextInt();

3. Given that y = ax3 + 7, which of the following are correct Java statements for this equation?

a) y = a * x * x * x + 7;

b) y = a * x * x * (x + 7);

c) y = (a * x) * x * (x + 7);

d) y = (a * x) * x * x + 7;

e) y = a * (x * x * x) + 7;

f) y = a * x * (x * x + 7);

Following assignments are from OCA: Oracle®Certified Associate Java® SE 8 Programmer I

Ch1- Review Questions

(hint: try out in your java program if not sure)

4.Which of the following are valid Java identifiers? (Choose all that apply)

A. A$B

B. _helloWorld

C. true

D. java.lang

E. Public

F. 1980_s

5.What is the output of the following program?

1: public class WaterBottle {

2: private String brand;

3: private boolean empty;

4: public static void main(String[] args) {

5: WaterBottlewb = new WaterBottle();

6: System.out.print("Empty = " + wb.empty);

7: System.out.print(", Brand = " + wb.brand);

8: } }

G. Line 6 generates a compiler error.

H. Line 7 generates a compiler error.

I. There is no output.

J. Empty = false, Brand = null

K. Empty = false, Brand =

L. Empty = null, Brand = null

6.In the following code block, which of the following are true?

4: short numPets = 5;

5: intnumGrains = 5.6;

6: String name = "Scruffy";

7: numPets.length();

8: numGrains.length();

9: name.length();

(Choose all that apply)

M. Line 4 generates a compiler error.

N. Line 5 generates a compiler error.

O. Line 6 generates a compiler error.

P. Line 7 generates a compiler error.

Q. Line 8 generates a compiler error.

R. Line 9 generates a compiler error.

S. The code compiles as is.

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