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Fun Tire Game

features: 3D game, multi-player options, Touch to accelerate, tilt to lean the tire, jumping and catch coins to score much as possible, doing many cool tricks above the ground and landing safely and reward extra coins, as well multiple locations from country to country in Arab Gulf area.

Tasks: The game has 6 tasks

Task 1: Kuwait city

Kuwait is a capital city of Kuwait country; it has a deep view of Arab Gulf history. This game will start from Kuwait in 1936, which First oil was discovered in Arab Gulf area.

Task 2: Rub Al Khali desert

task 2 when player complete task 1 will move to task 2 which would be in Rub Al Khali or Empty Quarter (the largest sand desert in the world), level will be harder than Kuwait city. Time will move too, which would be in 1956 where the desert has lots of refinery oil every where.

Task 3: Bahrain

Task 3 going to be in a small island country (Bahrain) and exactly in Bahrain Castle. Time would be in 1968 which Bahrainis people was fight for independence from the British colonial. Level would be more harder inside the castle.

Task 4: Doha
Doha is the capital city of the state of Qatar. Time will move to 1990 which was the first gulf war.

Task 5: Dubai

Dubai start to be busy and crowd city in 1995 , with lots of towers, factories, cars, and people. Our tire.

Task 6: Muscat
Oman has a complex geography, which make last level more fan but not necessary be more difficult.

Objects:Control tire and see the big change of this area through a real 3D game from Gulf area. In the end of the game player will get short movie show them the time change in Gulf area after Oil discover.

Reference no: EM13314863

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