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"Those who are in a position of strength have a responsibility to protect the weak." - Thomas Cushman

Compose your journal using first-person language. Follow APA formatting including in-text citations and a reference page covering the discussion points below.

In Chapter 10 of our text by Lopez, the term intervention is defined as "taking action so as to improve a situation" (2013, p.123). Lopez also discusses the theory of "fixing" versus the provision of "extra" support and proposes that investing and using one's time "intentionally" is a better investment than money.

· Describe how your understanding and application of the term "intervention" has changed after considering Lopez's remarks in Chapter 10.

· Make a list of interventions currently taking place both inside and outside of today's classroom.

· Make a list of interventions that you would like to see take place inside and outside of today's classroom.

· Which interventions are the result of money, time, or volunteers?

· After you had addressed questions 1 through 4, what gaps do you see in interventions? What advice would you give a school in creating an exceptional intervention model that could fill those gaps?

If you do not have direct classroom experience, you may respond to these questions based on your own understanding of what occurs in your own children's school, or a professional or volunteer position you've held outside of a school setting.

Required Resources


Lopez, D. (2013). No excuses university: How six exceptional systems are revolutionizing our schools (2nd ed.). Turnaround Schools Publications.

Chapter 10: Interventions (p.120)

This chapter addresses how to take action in order to improve a situation. It places value on interventions put into place for extra support, and not simply using interventions when something needs to be fixed.

Newman, R. (2013). Teaching and learning in the 21st century: Connecting the dots (2nd ed.). Retrieved from https://content.ashford.edu/

Chapter 13: Staying on Top of Your Game

This chapter analyzes how schools can effectively engage the community and ensure that collaboration and learning are center stage for all staff.

Chapter 14: Leading and Learning for Success

This chapter discusses the research on teacher leadership, why it is critical to a teacher's development, and how it provides opportunities for teachers to contribute to a vibrant school community. It is also examine strategies to improve teacher effectiveness and how to stay updated on research-based practices.

Reference no: EM132281075

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