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Sales of quilt covers at Bud Banis’s department store in Carbondale over the past year are shown below. Management prepared a forecast using a combination of exponential smoothing and its collective judgment for the 4 months (March, April, May, and June): july 100 august 93 september 96 october 110 november 124 december 119 january 92 february 83 march 101 120 april 96 114 may 89 110 june 108 108 Compute MAD and MAPE for management’s technique. b) Do management’s results outperform (i.e., have smaller MAD and MAPE than) a naive forecast? c) Which forecast do you recommend, based on lower forecast error?

Reference no: EM13991415

What will be their percentage change in productivity

Chuck's company makes shipping boxes for motorcycles. He has three employees, and they invest about 40 hours per day making 120 boxes. What is their productivity? What will be

Design an effective recruiting and selection process

Last name begins with W This is our first discussion board. Since we did not have a discussion board in the first week I have combined two Learning Outcomes (LO1 and 2). The 2

Decided to conduct a survey of referral physicians

An orthopedic group in Virginia has decided to conduct a survey of referral physicians. The results, which are posted on the group's Web site, indicate the level of customer s

Hardware supply warehouse that is contractually obligated

Consider a hardware supply warehouse that is contractually obligated to deliver 1,000 units of specialized fastener to a local manufacturing company each week. Each time the w

Articles on handling project conflict management

Unit VI Research Paper Conduct research using the CSU Online Library, and find at least two articles on handling project conflict management. In your paper, identify the diffe

Relied on primary care physician practices for referrals

Most medical specialty groups historically have relied on primary care physician practices for referrals. At a recent society meeting, the senior partner returned with a renew

Expanding resources efficiently and effectively

Now that we have defined your project and have a clear level of expectation of what it consists of we need to determine the level of resources will be required for the success

A neurology group practice recently analyzed

A neurology group practice recently analyzed its level of patient referrals and referral sources. This analysis showed that 60% of all referrals came from 35% of all the physi


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