Which administrative agency deals with your chosen policy
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Policies receive more attention and sometimes a greater portion of the budget if the governor makes the policy a priority. For this week's assignment, examine the role of the executive branch in the administration of your policy.

To complete this assignment, address the following:

• Determine whether your chosen policy provides an issue of importance for the governor of your state. If so, identify the governor's policy preferences. If not, can an appeal be made to the governor to make your policy a priority based on the governor's values?

• Policies are adopted, either through legislative or executive order. However, laws are merely symbolic until they are implemented by an executive agency. Which administrative agency deals with your chosen policy?

• How effectively is the policy being implemented? Are appropriate public resources being applied to the implementation? What could be done to improve the implementation of the policy?

Cite all sources using the correct APA format.

Submit your response in a 2- to 4-page Microsoft Word document.

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