Whether culture is more individualistic or collectivistic

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Question 1:

Cultural Relativism

Cultural relativism asserts that what is right is relative to the individual culture. In some cultures, things that are considered "right" in the United States are considered "wrong," and some "wrong" things are considered "right" abroad. In a three-page analysis assignment, you need to:

• Select a culture that is different relative to your own and research the following features of the selected culture:
o Customs
o Manners
o Taboos
o Religions
o Moralities
o Daily habits
o Attitudes
o Business practices

• Discuss whether the culture is more individualistic or collectivistic.

• Provide relevant examples highlighting key concepts.

• Reflect on the role of cultural relativism in your overall impression of the culture.

• Conclude by explaining whether or not you would change your behavior or even your ethics if you were a part of the culture that you have selected for research.

Submission Requirements:
• Write the paper in APA format including introduction, body, and conclusion.

• Add the following sections in APA format:
o Cover Page
o Header
o Page Numbers
o References Page

• Use 12-point Arial font and double space.

Reference no: EM131152156

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