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1. John makes a threatening and harassing telephone call from his home in Wisconsin to Lucy who receives the call at her home in Texas, a violation of the criminal statutes of both states? Where would jurisdiction lie in this case? What difficulties might be encountered in attempting a prosecution in either state?

2. Bill wants to shoot and kill Charlie. Bill, who is standing in state A, looks and sees Charlie standing a few feet from him, but he is in state B. Bill shoots and kills Charlie. Who has jurisdiction to try Bill? Why?

3. Carol, a detective with the Any town, California, police department, has been sent to New York City to work with the detectives' bureau. Carol is to learn the latest detection techniques. While in New York, Carol sees a woman who is wanted for murder in California. Carol asks her to lunch. Carol mentions that she is from California, but not that she is a police officer. The suspected murderer says she would like to see her family, but has no way to get to get back to California. Carol tells the woman she is going there and that she will be glad to take her. They leave New York City, and as they cross into California, Carol stops the car, tells the woman that she is under arrest, handcuffs her, and takes her back to the town where she is wanted. The woman's attorney argues that the court has no jurisdiction. Can this argument validly be raised? Why or why not?

Reference no: EM13747149

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