Where does the little mermaid come among her sisters

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Topic: The Little Mermaid
1.Where does the little mermaid come among her sisters? How do you think she felt about this order?

2.Who was the father of the Little Mermaid? How did he treat his children?

3.At the end, the Little Mermaid sacrifices her own life in order to let the Prince go on living. Why did Andersen create this ending rather than a happier ending? What was Andersen trying to teach or show with this ending?

4.What might have happened if the Prince had sacrificed his life for the Little Mermaid?

Topic 2: The Princess and the Pea

1. The phrase "real princess" is repeated over and over in the play, because it is so important that the Prince's chosen bride be an actual princess, otherwise he will not become the King. Why do you think it is required for her to be a "real princess?"

2. What is the author of the story, Hans Christian Andersen, trying to teach his audience?

3.What literary and dramatic devices, such as plot, character, theme, setting, and symbols, are used in the story to convey messages? Explain how they are used.

Assignment: Creating an Alphabet Book

RATIONALE: Alphabet Books represent an interesting blend of educational content and often elaborate illustration, typical of picture books. However, each often has at least two underlying goals: to educate and to entertain children (young and old). But, how do authors do that? What makes a great Alphabet Book? That's what you will have to grapple with as you create your own Alphabet Book. Remember to keep the content, illustrations, and audience in mind. Have a great time.
GOAL: To Create an original Alphabet Book

Project: Children's Picture Book (Counting or Alphabet)

1. Create a children's picture book, either a counting or an alphabet book

2. Let your imagination go!!!!

3. Build the book around a distinctive theme

a. The theme must be approved before you begin

b. This is to ensure that only one person is working on a particular theme

c. As soon as you know what your theme is, let me know so that I can
"lock it!"

Some Theme Ideas:

• the supermarket (A =aisle, B = Bakery)

• North Carolina (B= Biltmore House, D= Dukies, M= Michael Jordan)

• famous children's authors (B= Beatrix Potter)

• a foreign language alphabet (well, you can practice your French or Spanish!)

• a historical event

• endangered species

• an ethnic group or culture

• environmental issues

• a holiday alphabet

• a ghostly alphabet

• a mystery alphabet

• comic book or classical children's fairy tale characters

• a non-sense book (make up new words)

4. Use an appropriate method to create the book

a. You are not expected to produce a book that looks like it was professionally printed.

b. All methods are available to you: artistic (like drawing, etc.), collage, cut and paste (either from print sources or from the Internet)

5. The book must be completed by the due date (see the online schedule)

6. Along with the book, you must present the answers to the following:

i. An introduction that describes your choice of topic (what you chose and why)

ii. An explanation of the choices you made in illustrating the book

1. What were you trying to accomplish with the illustrations.

2. How the process of creating the illustrations worked out for you (easy, difficult, etc.)

7. Submit a print version for me to grade.

• You may have to scan graphics into your book or use the free graphics available on the web. If you take graphics from a "non-free" site, please include a caption citing the source.
Some places to start:

• Free Alphabet Graphics

• Mrs. Alphabet

• http://www.kamalii.k12.hi.us/Ocean%20Alphabet,%20C&C/ocean_alphabet.htm

• http://www.jsd.k12.ak.us/hbv/classrooms/fontanella/AlphabetBook/alph2004/ABC.html

• Consider how you want the web page to work. Do you want one long text? Separate pages that link to each other? Plan a functional page.

Attachment:- Articles.rar

Reference no: EM131285241

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