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Case Vignette Presentation As your final assessment during this course, you will analyze a case and create a strengths-based assessment and plan of action to be presented to the class. Below are the requirements for the 15-20 minute presentation. No formal paper is due; rather each student will present all areas of the assignment with visual tools to include all of the following. Remember to demonstrate how you are using appropriate social work knowledge, skills, values as well as cognitive and affective processes to engage and understand your client's situation.

• Present the case to the class and discuss the presenting challenges-provide context for your client's situation.

• Who are you? What agency do you work for? How is your agency in contact with the client?

• What are the client's strengths? Use your ROPES model or any other similar model.

• How does ethnicity, religion, socio-economic status, race, gender/sex diversity impact your client's situation? Demonstrate how you are using a human behavior in the social environment perspective.

• Describe the process by which you set goals with your client?

• Apply one of the change-oriented approaches from Chapter 13 to the client scenario. Explain why this is the best choice for your client?

• What referrals and community connections need to be made for the client? Make actual calls and searches to find these resources in our Houston area.

• Create an eco-map for the scenario. See the guidelines in this folder. o Food for thought: One possible way to present your case is to act out a role play for the scenario to demonstrate evidence of building rapport, use of empathic language, active listening, appropriate body language, open ended responses, summarizing and paraphrasing, skill in giving directives and referrals and ending session. A grading rubric will be uploaded to next week's folder.

Identifying Strengths: Use the ROPES

Resources: Personal
Social environment

Options: Present focus
Emphasis on choice
What can be accessed now?
What is available and hasn't been tried or utilized?

Possibilities: Future focus
Vision of the future
What have you thought of trying but haven't tried yet?

Exceptions: When is the problem not happening?

When is the problem different?

When is part of the hypothetical future solution occurring?

How have you survived, endured, thrived?

Solutions Focus on constructing solutions, not solving problems

What's working now?

What are your successes?

What are you doing that you would like to continue doing?

What if a miracle happened?

What can you do now to create a piece of the miracle?

Case Study #2 Family Members: Anne M.- mother, DOB 5/11/75- Peter M.- father, DOB 11/9/69, childrenThomas, DOB 3/15/01 Megan, DOB 2/20/04.

The Social worker from the hospital that treated Ms. M. for injuries resulting from the beatings inflicted on her by her husband during their vacation in Jamaica is concerned about mother's capacity to care for and protect children. Children were present during father's attacks on their mother.

Family Background: Anne M. is a 32 years old woman employed for the past year as a secretary, earning about $30,000 a year. She has been married to Peter M. for 7 years. They have two children, Thomas, aged 6, and Megan, aged 3. Peter is an insurance agent who earns approximately $70,000 a year. Peter and the 2 children are all U.S. citizens. Anne, who was born in Jamaica, is a permanent resident of the US. Peter's family is also from Jamaica, but he was born in the City.

They are both Episcopalians. Since the DV incident and subsequent return to the States, Mr. M. has been living in an apartment he co-owns with his mother in Brooklyn. There was no prior ACS contact with this family, but a search of Domestic Incident Reports at the Police department revealed two prior domestic violence incidents in which Mr. M. was named as the suspect in 12/2002 and 10/2003.

Reference no: EM131321667

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