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1. "As a result of your reading and research, do you believe that the gathering of information and surveillance by law enforcement in public areas (streets, public places and other areas where a search warrant is not generally required) is an intrusion into the privacy expectations of our citizens? Why do you think so and provide examples of how it causes harm."

2. "What you think about the use of body worn cameras by police? Should their usage be required, under what circumstances should the cameras be recording, and should the recordings from those cameras be public or private data? Why do you think there is so much controversy regarding the use of body worn cameras by police?"

3. "Describe the challenges associated with basing a criminal case against the suspect solely on eyewitness identification. Should the police be able to arrest and convict a person solely on the evidence of the victim identifying that suspect from a photograph in a photo lineup? Why or why not? What other information could be used to strengthen the case against the suspect was identified in the photo lineup?"

4. "Based in your experience and study, what type of information is critical to be contained in a law enforcement records management system? Describe what you think is the most important information the system should contain and the features that would be important to make a useful to the law enforcement user."

5. "Do you think that data driven policing is a good investment of precious law enforcement resources? Defend your answer and provide examples that illustrate and support your position."

6. "Describe the challenges for today's police officer in using force against an uncooperative suspect. Of the use of force technologies, which type seems to result in the greatest benefit of protecting the police officer as well as the subject?"

7. "If you had to select a single area to focus research and development dollars to enhance the technology of the police officer of tomorrow, what area would that be, why would you focus on it, and what would the benefits of that investment mean to law enforcement?"

Reference no: EM131365405

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