What would you expect the comparative do levels

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Cold, dense water sinks at the poles and drives a deep circulation in the North Atlantic Ocean. What would you expect the comparative DO levels to be in this water? Why?

Reference no: EM132280279

What are pros and cons of metabolic rate measures and method

What are the pros and cons of Metabolic rate measures and methods? List and briefly explain any drawbacks or caveats that we should be aware of, along with particular benefi

Descriptions of photosynthesis and aerobic respiration

A scientist randomly separated a group of 100 lab rats into two groups of 50. One group was fed regular rat chow while the other was fed the same quantity of rat chow with add

Which of the promoter elements are always present

Considering an E. coli promoter that could be recognized by a ?70-containing RNA polymerase holoenzyme, which of the promoter elements are always present, and which can be m

Energy vs reaction coordinate graph

Compare two reactions by drawing them on Energy vs. Reaction Coordinate graph. The reactions are identical, but one has been altered by the addition of a catalyst and/or enz

Cafein required to interfere dna replication

How many cups of the coffee would you have to drink to reach the dose (10mM) needed to interfere along with the DNA replication checkpoint mechanism?

Find in membraneproteins imbedded in this membrane

A new type of cell was discovered on Mars in an organism growing inbenzene, a nonpolar liquid. The cell has a lipid bilayer made ofphosphlipids, but its structure was very dif

Describe the participants in the study-the number of subject

Critically evaluate the experiment from your viewpoint as well as the authors. In your judgment, what were the strengths and weaknesses of the study and how would YOU impro

Predict whether you would expect the cell size

whereas cells that express a constitutively activated version of PKA are 15% larger than normal liver cells. Given these results, predict whether you would expect the cell's


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