What would the prediction of the given experiment be

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1. Perform the conversions below:

12,581 mg = _______ kg   683; L = ______mL
5.8 m =________ mm;      6.3 s = _________ MS
2,250 mL = ______ L;      12 m = __________cm
95 cm = ________ mm;   11.8 kg = ________mg

Use the following paragraph and table to answer questions 2-10.

A farmer is testing the effect of a new organic fertilizer on the growth of his corn crops. He plants two corn crops inside of a greenhouse. Group A is watered with a mixture of water and organic fertilizer and Group B is watered without the fertilizer. Once the crops begin to grow, the height of the corn plants is measured weekly.






25 mm

75 mm


30 mm

25 mm


35 mm

26 mm


40 mm

30 mm


45 mm

34 mm


50 mm

38 mm


50 mm

42 mm


55 mm

46 mm


60 mm

50 mm


65 mm

54 mm

2. What is the hypothesis of this experiment?

3. What would the prediction of this experiment be?

4. What is the experimental variable?

5. What is the independent variable?

6. What is the dependent variable?

7. Which group is the control group?

8. Which group is the experimental group?

9. What should be set as controlled variables? (list at least 4).

10. Graph the data.

Reference no: EM131214498

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