What would the level of measurement be for these variables

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Imagine that you are interested in the effects of employee training programs on promotion over a several-year period. You collect data on the number of training hours an employee has and whether and how often he or she has been promoted over a five-year period. What is the level of measurement of these variables? What univariate and bivariate analyses would you conduct? Why? If you were going to collect demographic data to use as controls for understanding promotion in a multivariate analysis, which would you pick? Why? What would the level of measurement be for these variables?

Reference no: EM131412743

Applicability of the itil lifecycle

Let us look at the five phases of a service lifecycle - service strategy, service design, service transition, service operation and continuous service improvement, as shown

Write a program that reads in an integer

Write a program that reads in an integer, and breaks it into a sequence of individual digits. For example, the input 16384 is displayed as 1 6 3 8 4 You may assume that the

Wireless security perimeter defenses matrix

Complete the attached Wireless Security Perimeter Defenses Matrix by discussing the wireless security topics in each of the rows as they relate to a security advisory that y

Calculate the blocking factor bfr

Calculate the average time it takes to find a record by doing a linear search on the file if (i) the file blocks are stored contiguously, and double buffering is used; (ii)

Decrypt the message without computing bob''s private key

We investigate the weaknesses that arise in Elgamal encryption if a public key of small order is used. We look at the following example. Assume Bob uses the group Z∗ 29 with

Display the players name and team name

The Midville Park District maintains a file named Soccer.rec containing information's about players on its soccer teams. The record contains a player's first name, last name

Calculate the amount of atp produced

Calculate the amount of ATP produced in each of the following catabolic processes. A. Glucose in the absence of oxygen B. Glucose in the presence of oxygen, all the way unti

Attributes of employee include employee id

A company has a number of employees. The attributes of EMPLOYEE include Employee ID, Name, Address, and Birthdate. The company also has several projects. Attributes of PROJE


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