What would its new rotation speed be

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Suppose a star the size of our Sun (R0 = 695,500 km) rotates at a speed of 1.0 revolution every 12 days. If it were to undergo gravitational collapse to a neutron star of radius 11 km, what would its new rotation speed be? (rad/s)

Reference no: EM13543605

A major leaguer hits a baseball

A major leaguer hits a baseball so that it leaves the bat at a speed of 28.5 and at an angle of 36.9 above the horizontal. You can ignore air resistance. At what two times is

Calculate the hall coefficient

A conductor is found to be transparent to ultraviolet light with wavelengths shorter than 200 nm. Assuming a permittivity equal to that of vacuum, and assuming that the effect

Evaluate the period and amplitude of the motion

an engine, a piston oscillates with simple harmonic motion so that its position varies according to the expression, x = 3.00 cos 3t + ? divide by 4, Find the period and ampl

Find the surface charge charge density on plane

A +44 nC charge is placed on the z- axis at (0,0,5 cm). A grounded conducting plane fills the x-y plane where z=0. A) Find the surface charge charge density on the conducting

Suspended from a coil spring

A 0.150-kg frame, when suspended from a coil spring, stretches the spring 0.070m . A 0.200-kg lump of putty is dropped from rest onto the frame from a height of 30.0cm.Find th

What is the boat''s speed

A woman rides a carnival Ferris wheel at radius 16.0 m, completing 4.40 turns about its horizontal axis every minute. What are (a) period of the motion, and the magnitude of

What is the cars speed at the bottom of the dip

In a nuclear experiment a proton with kinetic energy 1.5 MeV moves in a circular path in a uniform magnetic field. What energy (in MeV) must (a) an alpha particle (q = +2e,

Two gliders are moving to the right on an air track

Two gliders are moving to the right on an air track. The one to the right is moving at a speed of 2V 0 and has a mass of 2M. The one to the left is moving at a speed of 3V 0


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