What would be a successful cybersecurity policy

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Building and Implementing a Successful Cybersecurity Policy

Write an essay on the topic, "Building and implementing a successful cybersecurity policy". The following questions should be covered in the essay:

1. What would be a successful cybersecurity policy?

2. What are the ingredients of a typical cybersecurity policy?

3. How should the various elements of a cybersecurity policy be articulated?

4. What considerations should there be in order to successfully implement the policy?

5. How can you assure the ongoing success of the policy?


Be three (3) pages in length

Contain an illustrative table or a diagram created from properly cited external references

Include three (3) credible external references in addition to the textbook

Do not use I, We, They ....

Your paper must follow APA style guidelines, as appropriate .

Citations for every sentences.

Not plagiarized ( we check that with turnitin.com).

Reference no: EM131414367

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