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Suppose that JB Cos. has a capital structure of 70 percent equity, 30 percent debt, and that its before-tax cost of debt is 11 percent while its cost of equity is 15 percent. Assume the appropriate weighted-average tax rate is 25 percent.

What will be JB's WACC? (Round your answer to 2 decimal places.)

Reference no: EM131160921

Why setting price by marketing cost is inherently circular

Wendel Stove Company is developing a "professional" model stove aimed at the home market. The company estimates that variable costs will be $2,000 peer unit and fixed costs

What is babcock times interest earned

What is Babcock's times interest earned, if its total interest charges are $20,000, sales are $220,000, and its net profit margin is 6 percent? Assume a tax rate of 40 perce

Yield to call and realized rates of return

Calculate the realized rate of return for investors who purchased the bonds when they were issued and who surrender them today in exchange for the call price.

What is the expected return of your portfolio

Use the following data: Market risk premium = 8.5% Risk-free rate = 3% Beta of XYZ stock = 1.4 Beta of PDQ stock = 2.0 Investment in XYZ stock = $70,000 Investment in PDQ stoc

What is the growth rate expected for emery company

Emery Company just paid a dividend of $2.25 per share. The company's stock is currently selling for $60 per share, and the required rate of return on Emery Company stock is

Find approximate total amount of money

XYZ Motors just issued 225,000 zero coupon bonds. These bonds mature in twenty years, have a par value of $1,000, & have a yield to maturity of 7.45%.

Examine stock transactions by institutional investors

Examine stock transactions by insiders and institutional investors? Are insiders buying or selling stock? Examine the firms' use of employee stock options and other stock-

What is the probability that you will run out of stock

Daily demand is distributed normally with mean = 250 and standard deviation =.50. At the end of each morning, any leftover copies are worthless and they go to a recycle bin.


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