What were flotation costs as a fraction of funds raised

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Moonscape has just completed an initial public offering. The firm sold 2 million shares at an offer price of $8 per share. The underwriting spread was $.6 a share. The price of the stock closed at $12 per share at the end of the first day of trading. The firm incurred $500,000 in legal, administrative, and other costs. What were flotation costs as a fraction of funds raised? (Do not round intermediate calculations. Round your answer to 1 decimal place.)

Fraction of funds raised 

Reference no: EM13724058

Asset-liability-revenue-expense-equity or nothing

Determine whether each of the following is an asset, liability, revenue, expense, equity, or nothing. If more than one account is affected, analyze the impact on all accounts.

Current assets financed by the long-term liabilities

The following information relates to Rodeo Corporation. Current assets $70,000 Current liabilities $52,500 Long-term assets $210,000 Long-term liabilities $140,000 Based on th

Complete the assets of the pro forma balance sheet

Provincial imports has assembled 2015 financial statement income and balance sheet and financial projections for use in preparing financial plans for the coming year 2016. Pre

Invests the proceeds in marketable securities

If Southwick reduces their inventory by $500,000 through more efficient inventory management and invests the proceeds in marketable securities what happens to the Current, qui

Fixed-income asset with duration of five years

You own a fixed-income asset with duration of five years. If the level of interest rates, which is currently 8.5%, goes down by 15 basis points, how much do you expect the pri

About the invest in stock

You want to invest in a stock that pays $5 annually dividend for the next four years, you will sell the stock for $20. If you want to earn 12% on this investment, what is the

The after tax cost of debt and before tax cost of debt

Use the following information to answer the next five questions (assume Co. tax rate of 35%): Debt - 50,000 bonds with 7.5 percent coupon rate, $1,000 par value, 20 years to m

Should the firm make the investment

Tangshan Mining Company is considering investing in a new mining project. The firm’s cost of capital is 12 percent and the project is expected to have an initial cost of $5,00


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