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For this problem, you will need to select a publicly traded company. Once you have selected a publicly traded company, obtain Form 10-K for the company for the most current fiscal year. Use the EDGAR database from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or the investor (or investor relations) page on the company's site.

Follow these steps to find Form 10-K for your selected company using the SEC's EDGAR database:

1. Go to the Company Search Page by clicking the link in the Required Resources, under Internet Resources.

2. Type the company's official name in the Company Name box to search for the company's filings.

3. Select the 10-K form from the list of search results.

Analysis of a Company's Financial Statements

Assume you have been hired by a client to evaluate the financial health of the company you have selected. The client wants advice on whether or not the company is a viable option for their current portfolio. Create your analysis and recommendation for the client using the company's financial statements and your prior knowledge of accounting, supplemented by textbooks or other references of your choosing, to answer the following questions and computations:

4. What were the company's assets, liabilities, and owners' equity amounts at the end of fiscal year?

5. If the company were liquidated at the end of the fiscal year, are the shareholders guaranteed to receive the total shown in your answer for owners' equity (question 1)? Clearly explain why or why not.

6. What were the company's noncurrent liabilities for the fiscal year?

7. What was the company's current ratio for the fiscal year?

8. For the fiscal year, did the company have a cash inflow or outflow from investing activities? How much?

9. For the fiscal year, how much was the company's cash flow from operations? Why is this not the same amount as the company's operating income? Explain in general terms.

10. What is the company's revenue recognition policy? (Hint: Look in the notes to the financial statements.)

11. Calculate general, administrative, and selling expenses as a percentage of sales for the past three fiscal years. By what percentage did these expenses increase or decrease? This is calculated as Percentage Change = (Current Year % - Prior Year %) / Prior Year %.

12. Compute the company's total asset turnover for the fiscal year and explain its meaning. Show all of your work.

13. How much is in the prepaid expenses and other current assets account at the end of fiscal year? Where did you find this information?

14. What did the company report for deferred rent and other liabilities at the end of fiscal year? Where did you find this information?

15. What is the difference between prepaid rent and deferred rent?

16. What are accrued liabilities? Describe in general terms.

17. What would generate the interest income that is reported on the income statement?

18. What are the company's earnings per share (basic only) for the three years reported?

19. Compute the company's net profit margin for the three years reported. What does the trend suggest to you?

20. How much cash and cash equivalents does the company report at the end of the fiscal year?

21. What was the change in accounts receivable and how did it affect net cash provided by operating activities for the current year?

22. Compute the company's gross profit percentage for the most recent two years. Has it risen or fallen? Explain the meaning of the change.

Deliverable to the Client: Analysis Summary and Investment Recommendation

Prepare a business memo addressed to the client summarizing your analysis and providing a recommendation on investing:

• Write 2-4 pages in a professional format appropriate for the information you are presenting.

• Make sure you have answered all of the provided questions and computations in your analysis. If a question or computation does not apply, there should be a statement within your memo stating that the aspect does not apply and why. For example: "Based on the review of the XYZ Company, there were no prepaid expenses."

• Include support for your investment recommendation by citing the company's financial statements and other references of your choosing.

Attachment:- Assignment_Data.xlsx

Reference no: EM131334866

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