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Social class can be divided in several ways. After reading Chapter 8 and discovering more about the USA social class divisions. Write a 500 or more word essay answering the following questions. You should use the book as a reference.

Be sure to include in-text citations and include the book as a reference.

In what ways does culture related to social class impact identity and pride within specific social classes?

In what ways does culture help keep others outside of a specific social class?

Would the answers you given make it more difficult for someone from a lower social class to "pass" as someone from a higher class or would it make it more difficult for someone from a higher social class to "pass" as someone from a lower class? Why?

Why do most people stay in the same social class into which they were born?



Benokraitis, N. V. (2017). SOC: Introduction to sociology, (5th ed.). Boston, MA:Cengage Learning.

ISBN: 9781305660625

Reference no: EM131366143

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