What was the size of each payment

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Suppose payments were made at the end of each month into an ordinary annuity earning interest at the rate of 6%/year compounded monthly. If the future value of the annuity after 12 yr is $65,000, what was the size of each payment?

Reference no: EM13193122

Find the distance travelled by the shuttlecock

Determine the position vector of any point on the line Y A, and hence find the position vector of the point X. Deduce that the shuttlecock cannot land in the shaded area of

Write the general form for the sequence

If the teachers receive an average salary increase of $1096, write out the first 6 terms of the sequence formed by the average salaries starting with the 1999-2000 school ye

What is the speed of the dragster at this point

A second camera filming the dragster is located on the starting line 120 ft away from the dragster at the start of the race. How fast is this camera turning 2 s after the s

Axiomatic system - creating theorems

Create two theorems that follow from the four axioms - Prove each theorem from part (a) using any of the four axioms and/or any of the theorems from part (a) that you have al

Find the work done to haul the anchor

An anchor weighing 105 lb in water is attached to a chain weighing 2 lb/ft in water. Find the work done to haul the anchor and chain to the surface of the water from a depth

Source of technological advancement for a producer

Which of the following is not a source of technological advancement for a producer? better trained workers, more efficient physical capital, higher skill level of managers or

Compute the probability that all of the balls

An urn contains six red balls, six white balls, and six blue balls, and sample of four balls is drawn at random without replacement. Compute the probability that all of the

How much was invested in each account

an investment of $12000 is deposited into two simple interest accounts. On one account, the annual simple interest rate is 7.8%. On the other, the annual simple interest rat


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