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An important part of being an educator is reflection. Reflection is a learning process through which you use your experiences and knowledge to guide you in the future. Each week you will have the opportunity to use your journal to reflect on the content you have learned in this course and throughout your degree program. Specifically, you will reflect on the connections you see between each case study and two to three topics from the Program Comprehensive Exam.

This week we will be focusing on learning environments and instructional strategies. Take a few minutes to think about how the case study addresses these topics. The questions below may spark some ideas regarding learning environments and instructional strategies. You do not need to address all the questions; instead, write down your thoughts as they unfold.

Reflect on the following in your journal:

1. What was the learning environment like in the classroom where you felt the most successful in school?;

2. Using the case study as an example, how will you create a learning environment for your students that will allow them to feel as successful as you did in school?

3. What instructional strategies did your teachers use in school in order to ensure your success? Why do you think these instructional strategies were successful?

4. Based on the Week One Case Study, what instructional strategies do you think Mrs. Ashland might use with her students? Explain if or how you plan to use any of the strategies that either your teachers used or that you believe Mrs. Ashland will use with supporting rationale of your response.


Reference no: EM13872522

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