What was the closing price for the given stock yesterday

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Stock Quotations You found the following stock quote for DRK Enterprises, Inc., at yourfavorite Web site. You also find that the stock paid an annual dividend of $0.86, which resultedin a dividend yield of 1.30 percent. What was the closing price for this stock yesterday? Howmany round lots of stock were traded yesterday?

Reference no: EM13891754

Inventory assuming that all sales are on credit

Al's Sport Store has sales of $2,880, costs of goods sold of $2,190, inventory of $532, and accounts receivable of $425. How many days, on average, does it take the firm to

Find the payment

Can you please show me how to do this in ms Excel. Find the payment you would need to make per year at a discount rate (interest rate that the bank charges you) from 0% to 5

How do interest rates affect the decision

Describe the trade-offs involved when firms decide how to price their products. What are the costs and benefits of raising prices? How do interest rates affect the decision?

What is the profitability index

Question 1: ABC is reviewing a project that will cost $1,431.The project will produce cash flows $210 at the end of each year for the first two years and $772 at the end of

Standard deviations-data value from the mean

A given data value has a Z-value equal to 1.2. Assuming a normal (i.e., symmetrical) continuous probability distribution, how many standard deviations is the data value fro

Company uses five types of rocks to fill four orders

A rock company uses five types of rocks to fill four orders. The phosphate content, availability of each type of rock, and the production cost per pound for each rock are li

What interest rate is the bank advertising

The Fine print in the ad says that for a $5000 deposit, the bank will pay $100 every year in perpetuity, starting one year after the deposit is made. What interest rate is t

Finding present value of ordinary annuity

Find out the present value of ordinary annuity which pays $4,800 per year for eight years, supposing the annual discount rate is seven percent?


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