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1. Edgar Schein describes socialization as the "process of learning the ropes, the process of being indoctrinated and trained, the process of being taught what is important in an organization or some subunit thereof" in his classic article Organizational Socialization and the Profession of Management published in 1968.

Consider the potential impact of organizational socialization on employees as they enter into and become a contributing member of an organization. Consider how they form opinions of the culture of the organization as they 'learn the ropes and become indoctrinated.'

- What type of training and or development practices might be most useful to ensure the organizational culture is a large component of that indoctrination? What types of adult learning methods might be used in this training and development?

- How do these compare with your own organization's socialization processes and practices?

2.Technology can be advantageous to connecting people to information, each other, and knowledge. In this discussion, describe ways in which technology and E-Learning have helped you develop professionally. Compare and contrast the use of technology and E-Learning to other ways in which training and develop occur (i.e. face-to-face). Include both advantages and disadvantages of using technology & E-Learning as a means for development

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The socialization of new workers has critical results for people and associations. Different scientists fight that the nature of socialization influences representative fulfillment, demeanor, push, execution, duty, and turnover. In numerous associations, ability is a noteworthy focused asset and for some people, their professions and work are central point in their personal satisfaction. Unsuitable socialization can prompt anxiety, thwarted expectation, slowed down professions, and hierarchical misfortune as brought down profitability and turnover. This is not just upsetting for representatives it is inconvenient to associations. People and associations make tremendous interests in their work and vocations, and they clearly wish to build up those ventures.

Reference no: EM131523506

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