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Discussion for Precalculus - The Mixture Problem

In this discussion, please answer the following question and post your response to the discussion board. Please keep in mind, in order to remain eligible for full credit in the discussion, you must, in addition to your initial reply, respond to at least two of your classmates' or instructor's posts.

The mixture problem is one of the most popular applications of Systems of Equations. Your task this week is to find a mixture problem and demonstrate to the class, step by step, how a system of equations can be used to solve your problem of choice. Should be between 75-150 words.

• Discussion 2 for Human Resources
• Strategies for Decision Making


Please respond to EACH of the following discussion topics and submit them to the discussion forum as a single post. Your initial post should be 75-150 words in length.Then, make at least two thoughtful responses to your fellow students' posts. If you haven't recently, please review the

Rules of Discussion.

The Questioning Toolkit identified 17 kinds of questions:

1. Essential question
2. Organizing question
3. Elaborating question
4. Divergent question
5. Subsidiary question
6. Probing question
7. Unanswerable question
8. Irrelevant question
9. Hypothetical question
10. Sorting and Sifting question
11. Inventive question
12. Telling question
13. Clarification question
14. Provocative question
15. Planning question
16. Strategic question
17. Irreverent question

Think back to a previous learning experience (a class, a presentation, a training session, etc.) when the instructor or presenter asked for questions.

In your initial post this week, begin by briefly describing the situation.

• Where were you?

• What was the topic being covered?

Then, focus on the questions that were asked.

• What type of question did you find most helpful? Why? If you can remember, provide the question.

• What type of question did you find least helpful? Why? Once again, if you can remember the question, include it in your response.

• Now that you have looked more deeply at the different types of questions, what question would you have liked to ask or have asked to help you to better understand the topic? What type of question did you choose? Why?

• Should be between 75-150 words.

Reference no: EM131092060

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