What top three biggest assets are reported for general fund
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City of Erie 2015

1. How does the audit opinion given to this city by its independent auditors differ from the audit opinion rendered on the financial statements for a for-profit business?

2. A reconciliation should be presented to explain the difference between the net changes in fund balances for the governmental funds (fund financial statements) and the change in net position for the governmental activities (government-wide financial statements). List three reconciliation elements and their $

3. What were the city of Erie's top 3 largest sources of general revenues? (List 3 sources and numbers)

4. What was the total amount of expenditures recorded by the general fund during the period? How were those expenditures classified?

5. What top 3 biggest assets are reported for the general fund? (List3 sources and numbers)

6. Review the notes to the financial statements and then determine the number of days the government uses to define the end-of-year financial resources that are viewed as currently available.

7. Did the size of the general fund balance increase or decrease during the most recent year and by how much?

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