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Information Assurance Capstone Assignment -

Research Topic Proposal: Software Requirements Engineering

Software requirement engineering processes have been in existing over many decades and it is used to develop software. The development processes of a software entail diverse stages. Usually software development stages consist of four phases and these include: elicitation (Selection), analysis, negotiation (consultation), specification (blueprint) and validation. The appropriate use of the different stages for a given project, and tailoring the stages to a specific requirement has been a challenge since requirement engineering varies from organization to organization. Nowadays, more than ever, software development projects are geared towards failures due to poor requirements (Huzooree, G. and Ramdoo, V. D., 2015).

Research question - What are the software quality problems in requirement engineering and proposed solutions?

Since requirements are gathered by the developers, they lack the required skills to negotiate and communicate with the client. Developers are not experts in the business domain of the clients and sometimes fail to understand the functional requirements of the system (Gopal, K. et al, 2016). Many organizations in modern day give more attention to requirement engineering because it is one the components that adds value to the quality of a good and reliable software. According to Computer Finance Magazine, errors in software requirements and software design documents are more frequent than errors in the source code itself.

To be able to improve the software quality in an efficient manner, it is imperative to know where to focus maximum efforts in order to solve the root cause of the problem. System. Factors leading to poor quality in software can be controlled to a certain extent if appropriate considerations are given to the phases of the software development life cycle. Software quality can be predicted and controlled, but for that, it is essential that its causes are understood and addressed. (Gopal, K. et al, 2016).

For the purpose of this research paper, we will be examining, analyze and identifying the major causes of poor software quality and proffer a possible solution and propose ways to minimize the problems and difficulties of usually encountered during development and production of quality software. In our modern digital world and constant defect in software development and process model, there is always the issue of deviancies leading to greater need for requirements in software development and users' dependability and reliability in relation to information assurance domain.


Gopal, Kanishka & Jadoo, Sneha & L.P., Jyotsna & Ramdoo, Vimla. (2016). Software Quality Problems in Requirement Engineering and Proposed Solutions for an Organization in Mauritius. International Journal of Computer Applications. 137. 23-31. 10.5120/ijca2016908698.

Huzooree, Geshwaree & Ramdoo, Vimla. (2015). A Systematic Study on Requirement Engineering Processes and Practices in Mauritius. International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering. 5. 40-46.

Research Paper Instructions -

Your paper should be double-spaced, exclusive of cover, title page, table of contents, appendices and bibliography. Your paper must use APA formatting with the exception that tables and figures can be inserted at the appropriate location rather than added at the end.

A final note on source citations and the use of reference material in your research paper: It is expected that much of the information you put in your paper will relate to topics which are new to you. For this reason it is also expected that you will rely heavily at times on material found through references discovered in your research. It is essential that you give proper attribution to these sources of information. You should not quote extensively from your sources, but instead should express the ideas found in your own words, applying them to the specific points you are making in your paper. Short word-for-word excerpts are acceptable, but should always be placed in quotation marks to clearly indicate a verbatim use of source material.

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    No Of Pages/Words: 10 pages. The report should exhibit graduate-level writing, in terms of grammar, punctuation, format, quality of analysis, coherence, insight, logical flow, and reasoning. The paper is NOT an essay, it is to be a research report based fully on facts and data derived from appropriate sources in the literature. Provide a reference citation for EVERY statement of fact you include in your paper. Do NOT string together direct quotes from reference sources to create a narrative in the report. Please also read the instruction on the research proposal.

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    This is a research paper, worth 25% of your total grade. Your paper should be double-spaced, exclusive of cover, title page, table of contents, appendices and bibliography. Your paper must use APA formatting with the exception that tables and figures can be inserted at the appropriate location rather than added at the end. Submit the paper in your Assignment Folder prior to the submission deadline. Your Research Paper must demonstrate graduate-level writing ability and comply with the format requirements of the Publications Manual of the American Psychological Association. Careful attention should be given to source citations, proper listing of references, and the presentation of tables and graphs. Be sure to carefully cite (using correct APA-Style in-line citations) all sources of information in your paper.

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    Your instructor is extremely well-read in the subject areas addressed in this course, and it is generally quite apparent when a given section of content originates from a source rather than that of the author, so please be diligent about using source material appropriately. It is always better to err on the side of too much citation rather than too little. Papers for this course must meet the following criteria: Papers must be your original work. Papers must not be "recycled" from previous courses, even if written by you. The emphasis of papers must be analytical, i.e. the paper should pose a research question or problem, and attempt to answer the question or problem with an analysis of available sources and reference material, as well as your own perspective.

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    Research papers must NOT seek merely to summarize the relevant details of a topic, even if that topic is new to the writer. The value in this assignment is in reaching a sufficient understanding of a set of material to allow you to provide an informed opinion on some application of the material to a specific issue. The Research Paper will be graded against the following criteria: Abstract: 5%, Clear statement of thesis to be analyzed and its relevance: 15%, Technical Content (depth and accuracy of information and analysis): 40%, Recommendation, answer, or conclusion supported by research and analysis: 15%, Clarity, Organization, grammar and spelling: 15% and APA Style: 10%. Please be sure to spell check and carefully proof read your paper prior to submitting it.

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