What surprised you most about these readings

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For this last discussion I want you to go back and briefly review your semester readings and write about two issues, concepts, topics, or readings that surprised you the most. Some of the questions I want you to address include the following:

What is it that you learned from each of the issues you selected?

What surprised you most about these readings?

Did the readings make you question your knowledge of the issues covered? How?

Discuss which reading most resonates with your personal views. Provide examples.

You must include at least two text quotes in the following fashion - Language does more than describe reality; it also serves to shape the reality of a culture (Schaefer, 2010, p89) when answering the prompt questions. Your points will be severely reduced if you do not provide two

Please note that you must answer each question for each of the issues/concepts you selected.

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Reference no: EM131137081

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