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Identify a current leader or organization to investigate. Choose one that you admire and believe is successful. Then complete these 5 sections to give a better understanding of the leader and/or culture.

1. Who is the leader/organization? What is the background? Historically, what influences could have shaped this person/organization's culture?

2. What style/approach of leadership Is used? Why do you think this style has been successful for this person/organization?

3. How has the leader/organization motived others? Describe in detail or give a specific example of the leadership or culture in action.

4. Where has this leader/organization been successful? How might the larger regional or national culture contribute to the success of the leader/organization? If this leader/organization would operate in a different location, how might the leader/organization need to adapt to be successful?

5. Self-reflection: Why did you choose to study this person/organization? What do you admire about this person/organization? Why do you admire this?

Reference no: EM131147022

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