What study skills do you default to when preparing for test

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Topic: You Be the Professor!

One of the most important skills for students to master upon entering college is how to study! (You can relate.) Using information from the Memory Chapter in your textbook, address the following:

  • What study skills do you default to when preparing for a test?
  • Often incoming freshmen rely on flashcards and rote repetition as their primary method of studying. What are advantages and disadvantages of this approach?
  • If you were to lead a Freshman Seminar for incoming students, what study strategies (yes, plural) would you recommend and why? Support your suggestions with citations from the textbook.

Replies: Although professors provide students the tools to study, there are often other activities and distractions that compete with their desire to study. In addition, change is hard. Using concepts from the Learning Chapter, how might you expand upon your classmates' study seminar and help students "learn" to study? Read and reply to 2 classmates: recommend an operant approach in one reply and a cognitive approach in the other reply. Explain how the operant and cognitive approaches are consistent and/or inconsistent with biblical principles.

Reference no: EM131415564

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