What step do you plan to take to become a more effective

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Visit the following websites and complete the self-assessments:

1.Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire:


2.Wiley Schermerhorn: Management:


Take the "Emotional Intelligence," "Terminal Values," and "Instrumental Values" assessments.

3.Jung Typology Test:


Name one significant lesson that you discovered about your learning style, emotional intelligence, and personality by taking these assessments. Using this information, what step(s) do you plan to take to become a more effective manager? Just need 150 words

Reference no: EM131432362

Why do you think setting goals is important

How do you set goals for yourself? How would you help a client identify a goal they might want to achieve? Why do you think setting goals is important in the helping relations

Communication differences and strategies

Write a 2,100- to 2,450-word paper in which you consider specific types of communication, common miscommunications among genders, and effective communication strategies. Add

Elements of bureaucratic accountability

Briefly mention the elements of bureaucratic accountability within the Presidency, Congress, and the Courts. What are some key insights?

Explain issues in multicultural psychology

Explain the influence that these issues will have on society. Describe how these issues will influence the interaction among culturally diverse groups.

Distinguish between disparate treatment-disparate impact

Distinguish between disparate treatment, disparate impact, and reasonable accommodation theories of discrimination in terms of (a) number of plaintiffs, (b) intent, and (c) de

Who unintentionally caused pain to a child

How would you expect a child in a heteronomous stage of moral development to judge the behavior of a doctor who unintentionally caused pain to a child during a medical proce

Discuss various strategies to managing diversity

Discuss various strategies to managing diversity. Describe the steps that can be taken as a manager to ensure that work teams are diverse, and describe how to manage diversi

Some nefarious computer activities called ping sweeps

Your boss has just heard about some nefarious computer activities called ping sweeps and port scans. He wants to know more about them and what the impact of these activities m


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