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Introduction to and Evolution of Animal Behavior, Choose one question and write a report in total 1000 words count.

Question 1: Some species of gulls pick up shellfish, fly up a short distance in the air, and drop them on rocks to break them open. Describe the specific series of questions you might ask in each of these four areas about this behavior: behavioral genetics and evolution, mechanisms of behavior, behavioral ecology, and social structures. Suggest some of the methods you would use to answer these questions. What specific hypotheses would you test? What experimental procedures would you use to test these hypotheses?

Question 2: Read Gould and Lewontin (1979). List both the merits and flaws in the approach of the authors. Evaluate their summary critique.

Question 3: Both male and female golden hamsters possess sebaceous flank glands that produce sebum, a substance that is used to mark objects in their environment. Suggest three or four experimental questions (hypotheses) you would want to ask in studying the hormonal regulation and control of this scent-marking behavior. For each question identify the treatment groups you would use for testing your hypotheses and justify the need for each.

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Reference no: EM13741724

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