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Security and privacy have, for the most part, been seen as the responsibility of network engineers because most data and processing have been contained within the enterprises' walls. Now that mobile devices are capable of running applications outside of the enterprise, we are finding that traditional firewall approaches are providing inadequate protection.

This course has taught you the technical aspects of networks and the practices and capabilities to secure them. We have explored the future expectations for networks and the Internet. Network engineers should always be planning and preparing for 1 to 2 years away.

In this paper, summarize your expectations about where networks will be in 2 years and you will develop a theory for how network security solutions will evolve. Your theories do not have to be accurate, I don't expect you to be fortune tellers. I am looking for reasoned, course-based forecasts.

Having read about networking and Internet security and privacy throughout this course,

Write a 4 page APA formatted paper that includes references to at least 3 external sites.

The paper consists of the front page, 2 or 3 content pages and a reference page. Include graphs - full-page graphics will not count towards the number of pages.

Include at least 3 external references.

Why is the current practice of securing the enterprise by hiding it behind hardened firewalls becoming extinct?

What should network engineers expect to happen with security in 2 years?

What will networks look like in 2 years, given the proliferation of mobile devices?

Reference no: EM131101866

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