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1. In what sense does goal setting play a role in Barcelona': methods for enhancing performance? Judging from the video, how *mild you respond to the following ques¬tions: What kind of goals does Barcelona set for its managers and chefs? Are those goals difficult? Does the company's level of goal difficulty seem to enhance performance? Do the company's goals seem specific? Does its level ofgoal specificity seem to enhance performance? How might you improve Barcelona's application of goal-setting theory?

2. Pforsheimer says that his own motivation comes from

my willingness to come to work in the morning. It's not a particularly easy or lucrative line of work ..., and if we didn't provide the best possible experience just because that's who we were, we couldn't do this. You couldn't pay me enough to do this If I didn't actually care that everybody that walked out of the door had ... as great a time as possible.

How-if at all-does this attitude bear upon the moti-vation of Pfotzheimer's employees? Is there a basis here for some kind of management by objectives (MBO) approach to motivating employees? Do you think that this attitude can be developed into a "goal-setting process" that's made to "cascade down through the organization"? Why or why not?

3. Lawton admits that many restaurants include bonuses in the compensation packages of their chefs. Barcelona, however, does not. Why not? Do you agree with this approach, or do you think it entails significant draw-backs, whether for the employer, the employee, or both?

4. Let's say that you own a restaurant very much like in average Barcelona outlet.* For several years you have been your own onsite manager, but now you feel need to spend more time attending to and finances. You've decided to hire a gen ager, so you're faced with the question of h to pay for the position. What, you ask yours industry averages for manager compensation?

consultant in the field, who replies, "Industry are useless in figuring out how much to pay a manager." Why do you think this is so? What should you consider in deciding how much to general manager?

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Reference no: EM13317382

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