What role does technology play in academic standards

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Needing a two to three page paper (the two pages do not include title page or referenced) that contains the following.

* What role does technology play in regard to academic standards?

* How does technology promote meeting the needs of all students? Give specific examples.

* In your opinion, what is the greatest promise of technology for teaching and learning?

* What is meant by the term "Digital Divide".

A minimum of three (3) scholarly references must be cited in the text of the paper as well as in the reference section.

Paper must adhere to APA format (See link below). Be sure to include the necessary bibliographical information (i.e., author, date of publication, name of article, journal name, volume and issue number, and page numbers.)

Use Times Roman 12pt font, double space, and 1" margins. Be sure to put your name on your paper

The following components must be included in your paper:

Title Page, Main Body (review of Literature), Summary (your opinion of the research topic) and Reference Page.

Reference no: EM131501973

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