What role do stereotypes play in criminalizing puerto ricans
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Race and Ethnicity

Text Book Used: Racial and Ethnic Relations, 9th edition, (2011), Joe R. Feagin and Clairece Booher Feagin, Pearson

Please complete the following essay questions. Use your text to support your answers and the internet as well where indicated:

How has corporate globalization shaped Mexican migration and employment patterns? What are the societal consequences of discrimination by European Americans against Mexican Americans?

What role do stereotypes and prejudices play in criminalizing Puerto Ricans?

Please provide at least two examples. How does the theory of assimilation apply to Cuban Americans?

Does the "middleman minority" theoretical perspective fit the experiences of Japanese Americans? Please define "model minority". How is the "model minority" stereotype harmful to Japanese and other Asian Americans?

Briefly explain why it is important to Asian Americans to discontinue the use of the term "Oriental". Please list two reasons for the differences in economic mobility of Vietnamese Americans and Chinese Americans?

List two methods Arab Americans use to challenge stereotypes? Unlike various other religions in the US which are generally accepted, briefly explain why Islam is not fully accepted. Explain how the concpt of "mediated assimilation" applies to Arab and Middle Eastern Americans.

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